To go along with my Tea Spirits 2015 Calendar Kickstarter I’ll be giving away some free tea!

The winner will receive their choice of one tea (2oz) from the eight listed above. Teas are from the lovely Song Tea.


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  • Shipping is on me. (anywhere in the world)
  • The winner will be chosen by random Oct 17 midnight PST!

And if you’re interested in the calendar or teas check out the project here




Baby got a bath today~

How did you get a dinosaur


This is my child! Please ask your parents about the dino and the egg!!!


It’s written by master storyteller neil-gaiman.


It’s creepy, spooky, (of course it is; it takes place in a graveyard) and yet still heartwarming.


It won a Newbery Medal and a Carnegie Medal—it’s the only novel to win both—which means it’s officially marked as awesome by book…



Hi everyone! My comic has launched today! It has its own website where it will be updating regularly, three times a week (thanks to my bro, who actually understands how computers work):


The (slightly) revised first five pages are already up on the site, as well as page 6! I’ve also created a tumblr blog for the comic if you would like to keep track of updates through your dashboard. It will also have… whatever it happens to have, art and the like. 


I’m very excited (and nervous) to finally be sharing my first personal comic online with all of the people who have been kind enough to follow my art for so long. This comic has been in production since I wrote the script last December and started making pages in May, but I’ve had the idea for it for over a year and a half.

I’d really like to say a big thank you for any likes, or reblogs, or general niceness and support, since I can’t thank everyone individually! I really hope you will enjoy reading the comic as much as I enjoy making it.



The Girl Who Flew Away  is a graphic novel in progress set in 1976 and partly in 1926, following  twenty-something secretary, Greer Johnson. Through an affair with her boss, she becomes pregnant and is sent to stay with his friends for the duration in Key West, Florida. There, she begins to recollect her past and to dream about a little girl she’s never seen before named Eugenie. Meanwhile, she makes friends with a gardener missing his family and battles with her temporary caretakers.


I posted this a whole year ago, wow! I’ve updated the pages a little, updated the site a little… I’m also working on a new book that will be pages 1-145. It’d be neat to do a Kickstarter, but it will probably just be another lulu.com thing. : )

Thanks for reading this long everybody, and if you like the comic I’d love if you could take a moment and share it with others!

It’d be awesome if you could help me get this post to reach 2,000 notes. Maybe I’ll share a special drawing!


Les fresques « L’allégorie des périodes du temps » sont de Gabriel Ferrier (1900)


Les fresques « L’allégorie des périodes du temps » sont de Gabriel Ferrier (1900)